Monday Night Madness

It's finally that time of year again. This is no regular Monday, oh no, far from it. It is a Monday unlike any other Monday in the last 259 days. No, we have been deprived of Monday Night Football for too long. It is our turn to rise, as football spectators of America, and stand for our respective teams--or sometimes just teams with hotter cheerleaders or less flamboyant receivers--it is time for us to stand and cheer on this opening night. However with great power comes great responsibility, that is of cleaning out the chips between the couch cushions, to stock the fridge in case of an overtime scenario, and of course to perform your pre-game rituals. Don't forget the last time you forgot your pre-game routine. Yea I'm talking about that one field goal kick that was so bad, it was returned for a touchdown. Or remember that time that your kicker pulled a muscle celebrating. Yea, I remember it. It was your own fault though, you shouldn't have washed your jersey after a win, you shouldn't have allowed your friends to put their grimy fingers on your life size Coach Ditka poster, and you forgot to water your Randy Moss Chia Pet. Well you had better strap on those boots, and fix that satalite dish because Monday Night Football is a' commin'.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it disgusting how you can treat rituals as a joke. Rituals are what brought Steelers to win the superbowl last year. Now just try and laugh with those results, jd.

Blogger JD said...

Rituals a joke? Far from it, without these necesary and sometimes mildy creepy rituals, the sport of spectating wouldn't be what it is today. I have my own rituals just as i'm sure you do, as for the steelers winning the superbowl due to rituals: you have the right to your oppinion as wrong as it may be. just kidding, but seriously,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey this is the giants fan. I have no rituals but, i know that monday nights are now akward without john madden. Do you miss him, or is Kornheiser and the crew a good sub


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