JD's Draft (6-10)

How many tight ends do you know that can run the 40-yard dash in 4.38 seconds, carrying six feet, four inches, and 256 pounds? I know one—Vernon Davis. He won the hearts of all the scouts at the combine where he displayed the best of his Abilities. Eric Johnson has missed two seasons due to injury. San Francisco needs to pick up a new tight end to give Alex Smith a new target and essentially strengthen his skills as a quarterback. Davis is the perfect pick for the 49ers at number 6.

Oakland doesn’t have a respectable defense by any means. That’s precisely why they will pick up the best defensive back in the league, Michael Huff. Plenty of teams want him, only one can have him. Plus, if the raiders fail to score on offense for say, the entire season, maybe their defense will be able to hold up. I vote Huff for number 7.

The Bills have allowed running backs to break through their lines all of last season. They allowed and average of 137.8 yards on the ground per game in 2005, and they need someone rock solid to stop the running attack at pick number 8. I think that Buffalo will pick up Haloti Ngata for what may be the easiest draft prediction in the entire draft. The 6 foot 5 inch 340 pound DT is one of the best at stopping the run, and will certainly be a good addition to the Bills in ’06.

The Lions have had trouble with their QB situation for years. And now that Joey Harrington is gone, and Jon Kitna is the only one to fill in, they are in deep need of a quarterback. Many people think that Jay Cutler could be the best QB in the draft, and the way he is flying up the draft boards, I wouldn’t be surprised. But if he survives the draft chaos until round 9, I suspect Detroit will pick him up.

A writer once said that anyone could win games with a great running game. (I wonder what dummy would have said that) Now the Cardinals have a chance to prove that statement. They picked up Edgerrin James in the offseason, and now all they have to do is pave the way for their new running back. Winston Justice, sitting at OT from USC, is one of the most powerful blockers and has a pair of the quickest feet in the draft. With a little help from Justice, the cardinals just might have what it takes to rise to the top of the NFC West—well at least bump in front of St. Louis.


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