JD's Draft (11-16)

As the St. Louis Rams begin to build their defense up, I think that Jim Haslett will insist on shipping in a new DB. Michael Huff is one of the strongest DB’s in the league and I think that he will work well with the new defensive coordinator. He is one of the fastest and one of the hardest hitting backs in the league. Huff will add some much needed toughness to the Ram’s defensive backfield and make Haslett a happy man.

The Browns need four things next year in order to… well... not lose. First is a run stopper, they had an awful time stopping the run last year and if it continues to be that way next year, they will continue to lose. The second position is a pass rusher; the opponents of the browns sat in the pocket all day last year and got way too many yards in the air every game. Third is a veteran wide receiver, which they obviously can’t pick up in the draft. And last, is a running back to compliment Reuben Droughns. When the Browns signed Willie McGinest, Joe Jurevicius, and Ted Washington; they filled three out of four needs. Now all they need is a solid running back. DeAngelo Williams from Memphis will be a perfect player to compliment the talents of Droughns, and will probably be drafted by the Browns at pick number twelve.

The Baltimore Ravens have one of the strongest defenses in the league, and after the loss of their DT, Ma’ake Kemoeatu, I think that they will be looking to fill that position. Brodrick Bunkley is one of the strongest and roundest tackles out there. He weighs over 300 lbs of shear muscle, and not only can he stuff the run, but he can crush the quarterback. Although the Ravens have to look out for their offensive line, I think that if Bunkley is still on the boards at pick number thirteen, than the Ravens will take him.

Aside from losing T.O. in the offseason, The Philadelphia Eagles have a big position to fill. They have had problems running the ball for years, and it is about time that they drafted a decent running back. I think that McNabb ran for more yards than Westbrook last year. Not to say that they aren’t great players, but they aren’t. LenDale White of USC would be a great addition to the Eagle’s new predominantly offensive team. Who the Eagles pick in the first round is up for grabs this year, but I think that McNabb would love to see a running back getting some of his yards for him.

As Rod Smith becomes a member of AARP, and Ashley Lelie continues to only catch deep balls, the Broncos need to keep up their offensive efforts and keep their playoff hopes alive with some younger players. Chad Jackson (not Chad Johnson) seems like he’ll be a perfect fit for the Denver Broncos as one of the best route runners in the draft. If Jackson is still around when Denver gets to pick, (in round 15 due to the John Abraham trade) Denver will have a step up into next season.

Personally, if I were the Dolphins I would draft a new QB, I’m not sure why they picked up Culpepper in the first place. Unfortunately for them, they will probably end up drafting a DB. (Their loss.) The team has gone through a lot of drug charges… I mean drastic changes, and they need someone to fill in that huge gap where Howard and Madison seemed to let receivers roam free. Jimmy Williams is a versatile back that is physical enough to play safety, and fast enough to play defensive back. He will make a great Dolphin if they decide not to fire Culpepper and grab a new quarterback.


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