JD's Draft (1-5)

Every year, rumors go around about who will get first pick in the draft. I personally don’t think that this will be a big decision for Texas. The Texans are a team that are really rebuilding and as we know, all successful teams are built around a running back. Reggie Bush, from USC, will be the Texans First pick. I guarantee it.

New Orleans really needs a team to get their team moving. After Katrina, and a loss of much of their fan base I think that they will need to pick up a big name. There have been talks that the saints will pick Jay Cutler, but I think that The Saints will go For Matt Leinart from USC. He is an explosive quarterback, and he will be a perfect player for new coach, Sean Payton, to mold.

At pick number three, The Titans obviously have a position to fill. Their quarterback has been booted from the club, and they will look with someone who has potential as an NFL quarterback. Vince Young, who has a playing style quite similar to Michael Vick’s, might fit the ticket. He was very successful playing with Texas, and he might be just what the Titans need to get their franchise back to the top.

The Jets have, in my mind, made the decision that they are going to keep Pennington. With that assumption in mind, I think that the obvious pick for the Jets is to keep Pennington healthy—Draft a linebacker. And judging from that train of thought, there is only one man for the job: D’Brickashaw Ferguson. He is the best lineman going into the draft, and certainly the best passer protector.

The last one for the day, Green Bay Packers is going to be another easy choice. They drafted a quarterback last year, and when Favre retires, he will take the spot. The Packers haven’t had trouble performing on offence, but it is on the other side that is killing them. I think that Mario Williams, NC State’s Defensive End, will go to the pack on pick number 5.

That’s all that I’ve got for ya, stay tuned for more picks, (probably coming Sunday or Monday)


Blogger Cutthroat Pirates said...

I think Young will fall to the Raiders at Number 7. I think the Titans will take Matt


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