Beware The Draft

As more of this action packed offseason develops, I find myself struggling more and more trying to find stories to post. I was going to write this article about Steve McNair and how he got bagged, but no one wants to hear about the worst quarterback in the league getting fired. After thinking and scanning the Internet for anything else remotely interesting, I found another skeptic remarking on how Brett Favre still hadn’t decided whether to return. It was then that it hit me—no one cares about an aging quarterback either.

I continue searching ESPN… Ravens are looking to put up record losses next season… The draft… Texans think first choice in draft will help their playoff hopes… Steelers continue to gain bandwagon support… The draft… The Buffalo Bills are concerned about where their team is going (about time)… The draft… Vikings continue to deny relation to the boat-party… Blah Blah. Blah. Blah.

I search more… The Packers decide to give Favre one last extension…for the ninth time. Ravens might pick up McNair. The draft. What about the good teams, and the good players, don’t they have any drama? No? Oh, ok. I guess I’ll give up on that then. The draft is coming soon. The NFL releases its schedule this Thursday the 6th. The draft. Fine! I give in… I’ll cover the draft like every other sports site known to man. (Coming soon)


Blogger Cutthroat Pirates said...

LOL, that funny bro, but true. Do you really think McNair is a bad QB?

Blogger JD said...

His numbers don’t look that bad, but come on, he isn't a rookie to say the least, and not only is he not throwing enough touchdowns, but he is throwing way too many interceptions. No team can win like that.


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