A Tribute to a Fallen Dynasty

For some reason, though out history, the big guys always fall the hardest. After three Super Bowl wins they are starting to fade away. Don’t think that the Patriots aren’t a threat; but without Law and Harrison on defense, and injuries stacking up, they are getting old. They’re line up is like the one in the movie “The Replacements” with Keanu Reeves—but don’t worry the Pats aren’t playing nearly as bad as that movie did. Don’t get me wrong, they had a great dynasty; one that will be remembered though the history of football.

It all started with a man named Bledsoe; he led the Patriots dynasty in every statistic. In the 8 years Bledsoe played for the pats, he threw for 2,544 completions; 29,657 passing yards; 168 touchdowns; and is seen in many people eyes as the greatest Quarterback in the history of the patriots. When he was injured in 2001, everyone thought that New England, the team with the best playoff hopes, was done for. That year the quarterback fresh out of Michigan, with no NFL experience under his belt, Tom Brady, stepped onto the field. He completed an amazing 64% of his 413 pass attempts, throwing for 2843 yards. This was a miracle for the Patriots; he put the patriots back in the drivers seat on the road to Super Bowl XXVI.

That Super Bowl, Brady didn’t throw a single interception against the Rams, and went on to be the Super Bowl MVP. The next year Tom Brady got a new weapon: Deion Branch. That year he ran for a huge 11½ yards a carry. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to even get the patriots into the postseason. That year was productive for the offense however. They picked up a new tight end, Daniel Graham, and another wider receiver, David Givens. With this new dream team, the patriots managed to take it back into the postseason. Brady threw for 201 passing yards against the Titans, 237 yards in Foxboro Stadium against Indy, and finally against the Carolina Panthers he threw 354 biggies to win their second Super Bowl in 3 years. Up until the Patriots’ Super Bowl appearances, only one Super Bowl had been determined by a field goal. After Adam Vinatieri (Pats’ kicker) was done with that statistic, he had added 3 Super Bowl game winning field goals to that stat.

Last season Tom Brady led his team to seed one in the postseason. He had an NFL record breaking 21 straight wins; and if it wasn’t for the stealers stopping that streak in their one honest lost of the season, they would have been the only team since the ’72 Dolphins to go an entire season undefeated. Even with the patriots best season in their trails Brady still had what could have been the toughest postseason schedules in his playoff history. Fist they whipped out the Super Bowl contending Colts in a 20-3 victory. Their next game they took on Bill Cowher, and despite sending heavy blitzes, Brady managed 207 yards in the air, and a 41-27 victory. At that point in the season the Patriots were the best they had ever been. With out a bench filled with injury reserve players, the Patriots Managed to make it to Super Bowl XXIX. The Terrell Owens controversy took a lot of press off of the Patriots and they were able to win the Super Bowl with yet another Adam Vinatieri field goal. The patriots had now had the longest postseason winning streak in the history of the NFL (10 straight wins) and the longest season winning streak (21 straight wins). The Patriots had conquered every team in the NFL in their 3-year reign, and it all trickled down from the little guy. With the touch of a kicker a dynasty was born.


Blogger SageOne said...

Good recap...I was expecting "how" the dynasty fell. In my opinion it was the injury bug and bad timing. Football is all about timing and hitting your stride at the right time. The pats were on their way to gelling as a team and almost hitting their stride. That's why I like Pitts in this playoffs because they are hitting their stride and playing very well as a team. On the flip side, Carolina is doing the same thing. Steelers v Panthers in the SB. Pitts wins, 34-28. Bus the MVP.

Blogger Cutthroat Pirates said...

Oh the Dynasty did not fall. It was hurt. We will see what happens next season when you guys are healthy. Besides if the run is over, I don't think it will ever be repeated like this again.

Blogger JD said...

Oh corse it didn't fall, and it will never be dead in my book, but the pats are loosing players and coaches. their franchise is falling through their fingers. I have no doubt that the pats will be on the top of the charts next year but nothing will beat the 02-03 pats.


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