Week 13 Matchups

How about them Carolina Panthers? Going 8 and 3, and with the exception of the loss to Chicago, they hadn't lost one since the end of September. Good for them, but they hadn't played one Superbowl contending team this season with the exception of the crippled New England Patriots, and as we both know now, they are no longer Superbowl Contending. So does the NFL rig the schedules to make better games? I don't know, but with the defending champs(New England) with the hardest schedule of all time and the 2003 Super Bowl losers (Carolina) only playing 4 teams with winning records, and still managing to loose 3 games, this football league can be seen as unfair as the NFL's new salary cap.

Well, when you ask me who will win the Atlanta--Carolina game, I think you already know what I'm going to tell you. The Atlanta Falcons will pull and upset in Carolina on Sunday, even with a quarterback with a passer rating of 81.2 (that's pretty bad for all you rookie football spectators out there). I'll tell you why too, it's because the Atlanta Falcons have been fighting close battles all season, and the Carolina Panthers don't even know what a winning team smells like. (Probably pretty musty, but I'll never know that either)

As for the other games, LaDainian Thomlison and the Chargers will rock the house with home court against Oakland. The New England Patriots will pull themselves together for a win in New York against the Jets. Minnesota has been on a roll, I'll give them a win in Baltimore. Brett Farve is getting way too old to run his offence, so I'll give the win to the Bears. The Buffalo Bills beat Miami the first time around, but they one by less than a touchdown, Miami gets the win next week. And finally, for my Monday Nighter, I'll give the win to Philadelphia because it just might shut T.O. up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

please stop doubting the Panthers, they are not going to loose another game this season.

Blogger JD said...

I don't doubt the panthers at all, if they were healthy, like they were two seasons ago when they made it to the Super Bowl, they may not lose another game this season. They can beat New Orleans, they can beat Dallas, but when they have to play Atlanta again their winning streak will end. Last time the Panthers played the Falcons, they were at home. This time, it will be in the vicious Atlanta Dome. In the history of the Panthers, they have only beaten the Falcons once, it won't happen again when Michael Vick is no longer injured. However, even if the Panthers some how do pull an upset in the Georgia Dome, what good would it do them? So what if they win their final 3 games of the season? They lost to teams like Tampa, Miami, and New Orleans. An unpredictable team like that will never go anywhere in the post season. So I’m sorry, but the panthers just don't have what it takes to win even with one of the easiest schedules in the NFL.


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