San Diego's Tragic Flaw

Last week, there was a game in which almost all football critics were certain on the same outcome. During the game Team A completed 35 passes, Team B completed less than half as many. Team A had 27 first downs; Team B had a mere 14. Team A's 3rd down efficiency was almost 3 times as good, and ran almost twice as many plays as Team B. Yet who ended up winning the game? Believe it or not, Team B, the Dolphins. I'm referring to the amazingly pitiful game in San Diego against Miami.

Wasn't it San Diego just two weeks ago who were begging to have a chance to strike down the undefeated Colts? I thought it was the Chargers with what many consider the most powerful running back in the NFL. What about the dolphins? What can they boast about? They picked a good running back in the 2005 draft, and they have a halfback still going through rehab running the ball on the other side of the clock. Why then did this powerhouse team loose to Miami? Maybe it's because Miami finally got their defense in order, or maybe because San Diego's didn't think their defense needed order. Maybe Miami just wanted to win more, they wanted to win so badly that they threw an average of 16.4 yards a pass. San Diego only threw 3 passes over 16.4 yards the entire game. So is cockiness the Chargers' tragic flaw? Not at all, but I know it played a huge roll in last weeks game.

San Diego put up 7 points in the first 2 quarters and Miami only put up 3. San Diego figured they would play the game with runs and short completions, killing the clock. Miami knew they had to out score the chargers, and put it to the air to score 17 points in the 3rd quarter. San Diego didn't snap out of their slow play mind set until the last 10 minutes in the game when some smart man on the San Diego sidelines noticed the scoreboard wasn't reading in their favor. Drew Brees finally puts it to the air and squeezes in 14 points in the final minutes of the game, but it wasn't good enough. Miami isn't a very good team, but they sure as hell looked like one last Sunday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool site; well written.

Any thoughts about how the Patriots will finish the season?

Blogger JD said...

Thank you for the compliment anonymous, I'll write something about that tonight.


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