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I wrote an article several weeks ago about how the NFL is based totally on running. This week, I would like to turn that opinion into a fact. I made sure to watch the San Diego game because I knew that they might be the only team good enough in this league to stop the Indy run. Well my theory was correct, and I doubt I’m the only one to notice, but Indy's running game sucked, and Manning looked like a fool. They ran for a whomping 24 yards with about 1.6 yards per carry. That’s right, 5 feet. So this article goes out there to all of those Colts fans who are tired of hearing about the loss, and of course any of you critics who still aren’t convinced that I am the all knowing. (Yea, there still are a few out there.) Also while we are on the Indy game I would also like to note that Peyton completed just over half of his passes and was intercepted twice. (And he was nearly picked of an additional 3) Oh and by the way I don't know if any of you knew this, but the Colts do in fact have a punter; although usually he is rarely used, he came on to the field a whopping 6 times Saturday. Well that’s enough for them, lets look at some other running failures last week.

The patriots have been big news lately so lets look at their stats on their 28-point shutout against Tampa. Yes, the patriots stopped Cadillac Williams, who only got 23 rushing yards, and of course no TD's, giving patriots what some may call a ‘gimme’. The Vikings had a big 53 yard rushing game and lost to the Stealers who had about 3 times as many yards on the ground. All across the NFL teams are loosing because they are getting their run stuffed. As a matter of fact, only two teams that won last week and didn't have the most rushing yards, they were Cleveland (who won by 2) and Philadelphia (who won by 1).

Now of course there is another side to that argument: teams with good passing games win games too, it's not all in the running game. Now if you’re someone who was reading my article thinking that, I give you a pat on the back. However, you’re still wrong. Almost every single team that had more passing yards last week lost. That’s right, you heard correctly. Only in cases like the Giants' 10-point victory did the winning team have more passing yards, and even so they only had about 35 less. Well I think you all know the moral of the story, but for some of you rookies out there I'll state it flat up: run the ball on offence, stop the run on defense, and most importantly, Peyton’s got nothin’ on the ’72 dolphins.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Colts football RULES!!!!!!!!!

Pats were good, (Hints i said WERE)

Now they are just a big JOKE!

Colts will beat yall in playoffs

But i would be more worried about making the playoffs first!


Blogger JD said...

Anonymous, you are absolutely right, the Colts do have an excellent team this year, however you are not right that the pats are a big joke, they are getting healthy and you will definitely see them in the playoffs. They have already won their division so you don’t need to worry about them not making the post-season. Don’t get me wrong though, the Colts have what it takes to go all the way, but it’s possible that they don’t.

PS- I'm going to Vail, Colorado as of right now so be patient and I will try to get back to any comments.

Blogger Cutthroat Pirates said...

Merry Christmas JD

Anonymous JD said...

Happy Holidays


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